Peace Agreements

Peace Agreements between the Government of Chad and MDJT

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Parties: Government of Chad; Movement for Democracy and Justice (MDJT)

Type: Intra-state

Tripoli 2 Agreement

7 January 2002

Peace Agreement between the Government of Chad and the Mouvement pour la démocratie et la justice au Tchad (MDJT)

14 December 2003

Yebibou Agreement 2005

18 August 2005

The Tripoli 2 Agreement provided for the integration of MDJT into the national armed forces and declared that all hostile propaganda would cease. It provided for a general amnesty. The Agreement further provided for the establishment of a political and legal subcommittee to determine the modalities for the integration of MDJT into Government and other State institutions. It further provided for the parties to “work towards the achievement of peace, security, stability and economic and social development in the region”.


The 2003 Agreement is very similar to the Tripoli 2 Agreement and provides for an end to any media campaign aimed at perpetrating violence, and provides amnesty for members of MDJT. In addition, the Agreement provides for the MDJT to participate in the management of affairs of State, for MDJT to be established as a political party and for the rehabilitation and integration of MDJT forces into the national armed forces and civil service. It additionally provides for the preparation of an emergency plan for restoring peace, stability and security and to promote development.


The Yebibou Agreement provides for the retraining of 600 MDJT combatants for reintegration into the national army, and for MDJT’s integration in the civil service. It provides for MDJT to be transformed into a political party.

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