Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement between the Government of Chad and Political Parties of the Opposition

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Parties: Government of Chad; opposition parties

Type: Intra-state

Accord politique en vue du renforcement du processus démocratique

13 August 2007

The Parties to the Political Accord of 2007 confirmed their commitment to creating the conditions for free, open and democratic elections. The Accord sets out the composition, mandate and functions of the Independent National Electoral Commission, and provides for a voter roll and biometric voting cards. It provides for a national census to precede the election. It further provides guidance on the composition of the National Assembly, state subsidy to political parties along with regulating all the technical aspects of the voting itself, publication of the results and election observation. In addition to provisions on elections, it provides for a generally democratic environment, inter alia through the demilitarisation and depoliticisation of the territorial administration, the free exercise of their profession by journalists and strengthening of the judicial system. It provides that political parties should have a national character and that all citizens should be allowed to belong to any political party, without suffering professional consequences.

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