Peace Agreements

Agreement between Several Armed Groups in South Kivu/North Kivu

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Democratic republic of congo

South Kivu : FRF, Groupe Yakutumba, Groupe Zabuloni, Mai-Mai Kirikicho, PARECO/S-K, Raia Mutomboki, Mai-Mai Ny’kiriba, Mai-Mai Kapopo, Mai-Mai Mahoro, Mai-Mai Shikito, Mudundu40, Simba Mai-Mai, Mai-Mai Shabunda

North Kivu : CNDP, Mouvement Politico-Militaire, PARECO/FAP, Mai-Mai Kasindien, Mai-Mai Kifuafua, Mai-Mai Vurondo, Mai-Mai Mongol, UJPS, Mai-Mai Rwenzori, Simba

Type: Intra-state

Acte d’Engagement, Sud Kivu

23 January 2008

Acte d’Engagement, Nord Kivu

23 January 2008

The Acts of Engagement on South Kivu and on North Kivu contain the exact same wording. The Acts provided for the establishment of a Joint Technical Peace and Security Commission by the Government and the international facilitators of the agreement, towards restoration of State authority, including the police, administration and justice, as well as integration of the armed groups into the national army and demobilisation and social reintegration of armed groups. It further provided for a sub-Commission which would address the challenges of IDPs and refugees and their resettlement in their places of origin. The Parties agreed to strict observance of the rules of international law and human rights, in particular putting an end to violence, discrimination and exclusion of civilians, particularly women, children, older persons and persons with disabilities, the return of property, the prohibition of recruitment of children and special promotion of the rights of children in conflict. The Parties required the Government to promulgate an Amnesty Act covering all crimes excluding war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

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