Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement between the Government of DRC and CNDP

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Democratic republic of congo

Parties: Government of DRC; Congrès National pour la Défense du Peuple (CNDP)

Type: Intra-state

Peace Agreement between the Government and the CNDP (and the Implementation Plan)

23 March 2009

The Parties agreed to the transformation of the CNDP into a political party, the integration of its police and security forces into the Congolese National Police and the National Armed Forces, and CNDP’s participation in politics. The Parties agreed to the release of political prisoners and the enactment of an amnesty law, as well as strict observance of the independence of the judiciary. The Parties further agreed to the creation of a national mechanism to define and lead a policy of reconciliation and to fight against xenophobia. The Government committed to establishing a ministerial structure responsible for national security, local affairs and reconciliation. The Government further committed to establishing Permanent Local Arbitration Committees made up of local wise men and women. The Parties established a “community police” at the service of common people and recruited and trained at the local level. The Government committed to the swift return and rehabilitation of refugees, and the implementation of integration projects and high-density labour development projects to employ the workforce resulting from demobilisation and return of refugees.

The Parties also agreed to a review of the electoral law, to allow better representation and a political solution to the problem of professional reintegration for administrative executives who joined the CNDP. The Parties agreed to the return of plundered good, speeding up the liberalisation of state-owned enterprises and support to former CNDP members and their widows and children. The Parties further agreed to the necessity of good governance mechanisms at all levels and in all fields, including the exploitation of natural resources.