Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement between the Government of the Central African Republic and Political-Military Movements FDPC, UFDR and APRD

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Parties: Government of CAR; Front Démocratique du Peuple Centrafricain (FDPC), Union des Forces Démocratiques pour le Rassemblement (UFDR), Armée Populaire pour la Restauration de la Démocratie (APRD).

Type: Intra-state

Accord de Paix entre le Gouvernement de la République Centrafricaine et les Mouvements Politico-Militaires FDPC et UFDR

2 February 2007

Accord de Paix de Birao

1 April 2007

Accord de Cessez le Feu et de Paix entre le Gouvernement de la Republique Centrafricaine et le Mouvement Politique et Militaire Centrafricain APRD

9 May 2008

Accord de Paix Global entre le Gouvernement de la Republique Centrafricaine et les Mouvements Politico-Militaires APRD, FDPC, UFDR

21 June 2008

The Accord provides for the rehabilitation and integration of the FDPC and UFDR forces into the national armed forces, creation of conditions for the return of displaced persons, a general amnesty for FDPC and UFDR combatants and release of political prisoners. It further provides for the representation of FDPC and UFDR in the management of the State, in a spirit of reconciliation.

The Birao Peace Accord was entered into between the Government and the UFDR only, but contains exactly the same provisions as provided in the Accord above.

The 2008 Accord with the APRD contains similar provisions to the two above, but in addition provides for the establishment of an “emergency rehabilitation plan” for areas affected by the conflict in the North, North-West and Central regions. It also provides for a cessation of prosecution of members of APRD and a general amnesty.

The Global Agreement builds on the previous three, and provides for the promulgation of an Amnesty Act for all crimes except those subject to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. It further provides for representation of the three political-military movements in the State.

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