Peace Agreements

Framework Agreement for the Implementation of the Solemn Commitment of 1 April 2012

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Parties: CEDEAU Mediator; National Committee to Redress Democracy and Restore the State (CNRDRE)

Type: Intra-state

Accord cadre de mise en œuvre de l’engagement solennel du 1er Avril 2012

06 April 2012

The Parties agreed that while the Constitution requires an election within 40 days of the resignation of the president, due to the institutional crisis and the rebellion in the North, this would not be possible and a political transition must be put in place towards undertaking free, democratic and transparent elections in the whole territory. The Parties agreed to a transitional prime minister as the head of Government, who would have the functions of conducting the transition, managing the crisis in the North of Mali and ensuring the conduct of free and fair elections. The Parties also agreed to a Transitional National Unity Government and a Transitional Roadmap, which would provide inter alia for the modalities for elections. The Parties agreed to legislation to be adopted by the National Assembly, including: a law of general amnesty for members of the CNRDRE, a law on compensation to the victims of the war and the insurrectionary movements of 22 May 2012, and a law establishing a Military Committee to follow up on reforms of the national defence and security forces.

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