Peace Agreements

Inter-Togolese Dialogue: Comprehensive Political Agreement

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Parties: Government of Togo; Dialogue Office; Action Committee for Renewal (CAR); Democratic Convention of African Peoples (CDPA); the Pan-African Patriotic Convention (CPP); Reflection and Action Group on Women, Democracy and Development (GF2D); Party for Democracy and Renewal (PDR); Network of African Women Ministers and Parliamentarians (REFAMP/T); Togolese People’s Rally (RPT); Union des Forces du Change (UFC)

Type: Intra-state

Dialogue inter-togolais: Accord politique global

20 August 2006

The Parties to the Dialogue agreed to propose to the President of the Togolese Republic the establishment of a Government of National Union in order to restore peace, serenity and mutual trust and to organise fair, transparent and legislative elections, acceptable to all. The Parties agreed to the establishment of a new National Assembly at the end of a transparent, fair and democratic electoral process, the modalities of which would be established through consensus. The Parties agreed on the powers, composition and membership of the Independent National Electoral Commission, the voting methods to ensure better representation in the National Assembly and division of electoral constituencies. The Parties agreed to carry out an electoral census in order to obtain a reliable electoral register, and agreed to adopt tamper-proof voter cards. The Parties agreed to reduce the amount of the deposit for the elections, agreed to accept national and international observers at all stages of the electoral process, and agreed on measures for dispute resolution. The Parties agreed on the principle of equitable access for parties, candidates and civil society to state media, encouraged political parties to include a minimum quota of women among their candidates, and set out provisions on financing political parties.

The Parties agreed that the necessary arrangements be made for the solemn reaffirmation and effective respect of the apolitical vocation and national character of the Army and Security Forces, the distinction in functions of the army and police, and the independence of the judiciary and police. The Parties agreed to the creation of a Commission charged with shedding light on acts of political violence committed in the past and studying methods of compensating victims. The Parties agreed on the need to promote the return and reintegration of refugees and IDPs, through the support of an ad hoc committee. They further agreed to the creation of a Commission which would propose measures to promote forgiveness and national reconciliation. The Parties agreed to constitutional and institutional reforms necessary for the consolidation of democracy, the rule of law and good governance, including presidential term limits, reform of the justice system and Constitutional Court, and reform of the security sector. In an Annex on the Roadmap for the Government of National Union the Parties set out the tasks of the Government, including implementation of the agreement.

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