Peace Agreements

Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement

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Parties: Government of Sudan; Eastern Sudan Front

Type: Intra-state

Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement

19 June 2006

The Parties to the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement agreed on fundamental principles for resolving political issues, including a federal system of government with effective devolution of powers, equitable representation of citizens in the national civil service, national armed forces and police and fair representation of women, amongst other principles. The Parties agreed on the competencies of the different levels of government, intergovernmental relations and the administration of Eastern Sudan through an Eastern Sudan States’ Coordinating Council. The Parties reaffirmed their commitment to respect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Agreement further provided for effective participation of the people of Eastern Sudan in all institutions at all levels of government, including the presidency, council of ministers, national legislature, judiciary, national civil service and educational institutions. The Parties also agreed to representation within institutions at the State level and Local level.

The Parties agreed on general principles to resolve economic, social and cultural issues, including citizen participation in economic policy formulation, social justice among the people of Sudan, protection of the cultural heritage, education and health care for all, and the establishment of a special fund for the reconstruction and development of Eastern Sudan. The Parties agreed that resources and the common wealth would be shared equitably, and that all levels of government would ensure the sustainable and integrated development of the coastal area and its rich fish and marine resources. The Parties identified strategic objectives relevant to development in Eastern Sudan, including rehabilitation of war-affected areas, rehabilitation of infrastructure and social services, eradication of poverty and addressing the needs of women, among others. The Parties agreed that the GoS would provide social and economic reintegration programmes for former combatants, and agreed on the need for affirmative action to ensure effective participation of Eastern Sudanese in SAF. The Parties agreed to jointly convene a Consultative Conference on the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement.

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