Peace Agreements

Agreement between the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and the Puntland Regional State of Somalia

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Parties: Transitional Federal Government of Somalia; Puntland Regional State of Somalia

Type: Intra-state

Agreement between Transitional Federal Government and the Puntland Regional State of Somalia (Galcayo Agreement)

23 August 2009

The Parties agreed to strengthen the unity and sovereignty of the Somali State. The Transitional Federal Government recognised Puntland as part of the Somali Republic, with a functioning administration and as spearheading the federal system of administration in Somalia. The Parties further agreed to speed up the drafting of the Federal Constitution and to nominate a Committee to conduct a referendum on the Constitution. The Parties agreed to establish the federal system of administration and to speed up the establishment of the remaining federal states. The Parties agreed that Puntland as a federal administration would participate in meetings affecting it, and steps would be taken to complete the development projects undertaken in Puntland. The Parties agreed to set up training facilities in Puntland for the Somali armed forces and establish a Centre for Somali Marine forces, to address the threat of piracy. The Parties agreed that the Government and the Puntland Education Ministries would establish a working relationship, including for training of teachers and unifying the curriculum. The Parties appealed for the development and protection of the Islamic religion, as well as enhancement of the Somali language and poetry and protection of museums and historical sites, and encouraged Somalis abroad to maintain their culture and take part in the rehabilitation of the country.

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