Peace Agreements

Agreement between the Somali Transitional Electoral Government and the Alliance for the Re-liberalisation of Somalia

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Parties: Somali Transitional Electoral Government; Alliance for the Re-liberalisation of Somalia

Type: Intra-state

Decision on the High Level Committee Djibouti Agreement

25 November 2008

The Parties commended the determination of the Somali people in encouraging sustainable peace and committed to redoubling efforts to this end. The Parties agreed to possibly establish a Commission of Inquiry and an international court to address violations of human rights and international law, as well as impunity. The Parties established a joint working group towards arranging the Justice and Reconciliation Conference for the next year. The Parties agreed to address impunity through the Unity Government and establish mechanisms that would prioritise the accountability of the Unity Government. The Parties agreed to enlarge the Parliament by 200 seats to be allocated to the Alliance for the Re-liberalisation of Somalia, to add an additional 75 seats in parliament for those currently excluded, including women and people in the diaspora, and to the election of new leadership in Parliament, with responsibility sharing of leadership positions. The Parties agreed to extend the transitional period by two years and to amend the Transitional Charter in line with these agreements.