Peace Agreements

Agreements between the Somali Government and the Islamic Courts Union

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Parties: Somali Government; Islamic Courts Union

Type: Intra-state

Communiqué Issued by the Meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Somalia

22 June 2006

Final Communiqué of the 2nd Round of Talks between the Transitional Federal Government and the Islamic Courts

04 September 2006

The Parties to the June 2006 Communique agreed to recognise the legitimacy of the current Somali Transitional Government and the Islamic Courts Union. The Parties further agreed to continue dialogue and talks without preconditions in a framework of mutual recognition, bring war criminals to justice, cease military and media campaigns, place dialogue on pending security and political issues on the agenda of forthcoming sessions, and make a joint call for peace.

The Parties to the September 2006 Final Communique agreed to reconstitute the Somali National army and the national police force and work towards reintegration of the forces of the Islamic Courts, the Transitional Federal Government and other armed militias in the country. The Parties agreed to honour the unity and the nationhood of the Somali people as well as the will of the people. The Parties agreed to hold further talks to discuss on political, power-sharing and security issues.

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