Peace Agreements

Peace Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Niger and CRA

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Parties: Government of the Republic of Niger; Coordination of the Armed Resistance (CRA)

Type: Intra-state

Accord de paix entre le gouvernement de la République du Niger et la Coordination de la Résistance Armée (Ouagadougou Accord)

09 October 1994

The Parties agreed to the need to restore peace and ensure socio-economic development and to comply with the 1992 Constitution, particularly as it relates to the responsibility of the populations to manage their own affairs. The Parties agreed to the division of the country into regions, departments, districts and municipalities by a law to be proposed by a Special Commission of which CRA would be a member. The law would also set out the competences, resources and fundamental principles of administration of the different levels of government/territorial communities. The territorial communities would have Councils or Assemblies elected through universal suffrage and they would be responsible for executing the budget of the region, in particular for socio-economic development. The Special Commission would also evaluate the means necessary to be transferred to the territorial communities.

The Parties agreed that the Government would carry out the necessary measures to rehabilitate socio-economic infrastructure and to launch new projects in the regions affected by conflict. The Government with the assistance of the CRA and international partners would take the necessary measures to ensure the voluntary return and reintegration of refugees. The Government committed to end the actions of armed groups which might aggravate the climate of insecurity and compromise the peace efforts. Both Parties undertook to take the necessary measures to consolidate the peace, including through release of prisoners. The Parties agreed to establish an International Commission of Inquiry into the abuses. The Agreement would be implemented within six months.