Peace Agreements

Ceasefire Agreement in Guinea Bissau

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Guinea Bissau

Parties: Government of Guinea-Bissau; Self-denominated Military Junta

Type: Intra-state

Ceasefire Agreement in Guinea Bissau

26 August 1998

Agreement between the Government of Guinea Bissau and the Self-Proclaimed Military Junta (Abuja Peace Agreement)

01 November 1998

Additional Protocol to the Abuja Accord Concerning the Formation of the Government of National Unity of Guinea Bissau

15 December 1998

The Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement agreed to the reaffirmation of the public recognition of democratic institutions and legality, as well as creation of conditions which may facilitate the return of refugees and resettlement of displaced persons.

In the Abuja Peace Agreement, the Parties reaffirmed the Ceasefire Agreement and agreed to immediately put in place a Government of National Unity, which would include, among other things, representatives of the self-proclaimed junta. The Parties also agreed on the date of the general and presidential elections.

In the Additional Protocol, the Parties agreed to the structure and distribution of the ministries in the Government of National Unity, determining which would be provided by the president of the Republic and which by the chief of the Military Junta. The Parties agreed to form this government in the shortest possible time.

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