Peace Agreements

Cairo Declaration on Somalia

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Parties: Somali political leaders

Type: Intra-state

Cairo Declaration on Somalia

22 December 1997

The Parties agreed to convene a National Reconciliation Conference (NRC) in 1998, with the purpose to elect a Presidential Council and a Prime Minister and to adopt a Transitional Charter. They agreed that a joint security force will be established for this purpose. The Parties agreed on the number and constitution of the delegates to attend the NRC, including that the delegates would be selected from all segments of Somali society with consideration to community balance. The Parties also agreed on the elements of the NRC Agenda, including a declaration of national commitment, a declaration of peace and cooperation, the adoption of a Transitional Charter and the establishment of a Government in Transition.

The Parties agreed on the composition of the Transitional Government, including the Presidential Council, Constituent Assembly and independent Judiciary and that it would exist for a fixed period no longer than three years, with a possibility of extension by two years. The Parties agreed on the functions of the Transitional Government, including undertaking a national census to precede national elections and ensuring civilian enforcement of the rule of law. The Parties agreed that a permanent Constitution would be drafted during the Transition Period, enshrining fundamental rights and a system of checks and balances on the power of Government, to be approved by a national referendum.

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