Peace Agreements

Accord of Nkomati

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Parties: People’s Republic of Mozambique; Republic of South Africa

Type: Intra-state

Agreement on Non-Aggression and Good Neighbourliness between Mozambique and South Africa (Nkomati Talks)

16 March 1984

The Parties agreed that they would resolve differences and disputes that may arise between them and that may or are likely to endanger mutual peace and security or peace and security in the region, by means of negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration or other peaceful means. The Parties would not allow their respective territories, territorial waters or air space to be used as a base, thoroughfare, or in any other way by another state, government or foreign military forces, organisations or individuals which plan or prepare to commit acts of violence, terrorism or aggression against the territorial integrity or political independence of the other or may threaten the security of its inhabitants. The Parties agreed to eliminate from their respective territories bases, training centres, places of shelter, accommodation and transit, centres or depots containing armaments, communication and telecommunication facilities between the command and the elements contemplated above. The Parties agreed that they would prohibit within their territory acts of propaganda that incite a war of aggression against the other Party and acts of propaganda aimed at inciting acts of terrorism and civil war in the territory of the other Party.

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