Peace Agreements

Platform for a Political and Peaceful Solution to the Algerian Crisis

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Parties: Algerian government; Islamic Salvation Front (FIS); other Algerian opposition parties

Type: Intra-state

Platform for a Political and Peaceful Solution to the Algerian crisis (Rome Platform)

13 January 1995

Under the section on steps to precede negotiation, the Agreement include the reopening of politics and the media, the annulment of the decision to dissolve the FIS and the full restoration of the activities of all political parties. It provides for the lifting of the ban and suspension of newspapers and other print media, the immediate cessation of the practice of torture, cessation of capital punishment, extrajudicial killings and reprisals against civilians, an end to the atrocities and attacks against civilians, foreigners and the destruction of public property, and the establishment of an independent commission to investigate acts of violence and the serious violations of human rights.

The agreement further provides for the establishment of a National Conference, with the mandate to define transitional structures, the methods and the duration of a transition period, ensure freedom of information, free access to the media and the conditions of free choice of the people and guarantee respect for results of this choice.

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