Education: Master’s in Law with Distinction, Warwick University; LLB (Hons), University of Zimbabwe

Background: Brian Kagoro is the Founder and Executive Director of UHAI Africa Group, a governance and development consulting firm with operations in Johannesburg, Harare and Nairobi. Kagoro was previously the Regional Programme Advisor for the UNDP’s Africa Governance and Public Administration Programme, where he also led the UNDP Africa Governance Team within the Regional Service Centre for Africa. Prior to joining the UNDP, Kagoro served as Pan African Head of Policy and Advocacy at Action Aid International. He is a Founding Member of the National Constitutional Assembly, which drafted a new constitution. He is also the Founder of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, where he served as Spokesperson and National Coordinator, respectively. Kagoro has experience in undertaking policy research and advocacy mainly in governance, human rights, transitional justice and development issues within highly reputed national and international organisations. He is a 2003 Yale World Fellow and a 2005 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. He published Chaos and Transition in Zimbabwe: Transformation or Mirage (2007). He also wrote the framing chapter for the CSVR book When Law Meets Reality (2008). He has also written more extensively on transition, justice and reconciliation in Africa and Zimbabwe. Kagoro is a frequent commentator on Pan-Africanism, development governance, human rights, constitutional reform and political affairs.

Expertise: Zimbabwe; transitional justice; governance; human rights; development